How can you identify intelligent people.

There was this girl in my class (going anonymous cause she follows me on Quora) who was very intelligent.

She was a social person and a mix between extravert and introvert.

In physics, she would spot mistakes the teacher made and would fidget in her seat with a grin waiting for the teacher to finish and quietly ask a question to point out the mistake. She never directly said “Hey Mister, you made a mistake.” She would try as much as possible not to embarrass the teacher and it worked because often times she would ask a question to a teacher so he/she would notice his or her own mistake.

She had this charm to her. She knew a lot about a lot.

At first sight she doesn’t seem like the smart one. She can make everyone laugh and didn’t really nerd out like the other smart kids.

One time, the class was discussing stuff and somehow came to the topic of the Center of North America. Everyone tried to guess and after everyone tried deducing she waited till everyone was quiet and said “Its a place in North Dakota called Rugby.” And proceeded to describe its origins of this place.

Like I said, she knew a lot about a lot.

Killed her Science fair project and managed to take the laziest kids in the class and won first place in the school. I am telling you that those kids have never passed a singe test in any Science course.

Every guy had a crush on her even though she was not as pretty as the other girls who got straight A’s. She was not a straight A student and got B’s and even C’s.

She says she hates English class but was one of the people who scored highest on state exams.

All the girls were jealous of her. She didn’t try to be smart like the others did . She had it in her already.

I loved coding and when we sat in class, she would see me code all the time. I had a problem with a program I was working on and she asked me if she could borrow the laptop. Fixed it in 5 minutes. That was the day i realized that she was proficient in 3 programming languages. She watched me code almost all the time and never bothered to tell me.

I guess thats why everyone loved her.

You could tell when someone is intelligent just by the way he/she acts.

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