Top 3 Iron man custom suits

Iron man is a superhero of everyone. We all know about iron man. The coolest thing about iron man is his suits. Iron man is a genius playboy scientist who love to play with gadgets here is the list of his top 5 armors. Tony stark who is iron man in the mcu has many armors like mark 1 to mark 45 upto 48 now but some of them are really best so here is the list of them.

  1. Mark 1 Armor .

mark 1 armor is the first armor made by tony stark . it is Featured in iron man first movie. it is a basic version of iron man armor. its looking like garbage but it is the one who save tony stark from the enemies in the iron man 1 movie . Tony made it in the prison of terrorist with junk. and it save tony from the terrorist group.

  1. Mark 3 Armor.

mark 3 armor is first armor which is color in classic comical theme .It is best part is that its operating systems is jarvis. it has unibeam and armor launcher. It was created by tony stark it was updated version of mark 2 armor and was first Featured in iron man1 movie.

3.Mark 5 Armor.

Mark 5 armor is one of the best tony stark suit. it is color in red and silver. it saves tony fron whiplash in comics. this armor can fit in a suit. Tony just have to keep it near his chest and it suits up. This armor is based on the classic suig case armor of iron man. it does a pretty good job and save tony from whiplash. its operating system is jarvis.

other honorable mentions

Mark 45, thirbuster ,hulkbuster,Mark 46 ,mark 48 are one of the best armors of tony stark aka iron man. He is best superhero in the comic universe. which suit is your favorite suit from iron man tell us in the comments below

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