What are the trickiest questions asked in an interview?

***Sell this bottle of alcohol followed by the shortest salary negotiation***

Interviewer- Can you sell this bottle of alcohol thrice the price?

Neal- Do you drink?

Interviewer- No, I don’t.

Neal- Then why don’t you taste it today?

Interviewer- Alcohol is bad for health.

Neal- Who told that? Science has proven alcohol can lengthen your life. It can even keep you warm in this cold.

Interviewer- I don’t think so. Prove me wrong. I will select you right now..!

Neal- Moderate alcohol consumption works as medicine.

Interviewer- People are dying due to alcohol.

Neal- People are dying because of “Drink and drive”. Not because of alcohol. I’m the living proof of that.

Interviewer- Okay!

Neal- It also fight gallstone and lowers the chance of diabetes. One bottle can’t make you dead. You must try once in a life time.

Interviewer- Okay. How much?

Neal- 6000.

Interviewer- What? You are just telling double the normal price.

Neal- We have made this specially for the people who drinks for the first time. You will remain stable after drinking.

Interviewer- Still, if something happens to me?

Neal- We have an 50 lakh insurance plan for you just for 3000 more.

Interviewer- [Laughs] Great job. You are the right candidate for our sales team.

How much salary do you expect?

Neal- Nothing now. I want you to taste me like that bottle of alcohol. After a month we will decide.

[Neal’s priority is to get selected first. Not the salary.]

If I perform, give me the best salary. If I don’t, you can fire me.

[Showed confidence as Neal already knows no body fires their employee after 1 month of training. Trained employees are assets.]


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